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Children Singing in a Choir

Through June 15, 2022

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Choral Competitions in Italy and Europe

Italy boasts to hold more choir competitions and festivals than any other country in Europe. These competitions are held in the art cities and the best locations throughout Italy, featuring the choirs from all over the world. It is a great honor and incredible opportunity to become a participant of such competition, and end up with a prize, honorary Diploma and unforgettable memories!

Volendo Viaggi organizes PACKAGE TOURS for the choirs, visiting Italy from Australia, USA, Canada and European countries.

We provide for a customized itinerary for your choir, based on the desired length of the tour and places you choose to visit.

We have a fleet of modern and comfortable coaches which will accompany your group throughout the tour and professional English speaking travel directors which will enable for smooth and hassle free organization.

Our company has an office in central Italy, so it is easy for us to coordinate the tour being on spot.

Let us know in which choir competition you plan to participate, and we shall take care of accommodation, transportation, siteseeing and extras! The accompanying professors travel free.

Contact us at to ask for the calendar of the Choir Competitions and proposed itineraries.

See below the links to the major international choral competitions in Italy.

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Red Building

Concert Tours in Italy

Italy is a cradle of art and music, and choirs come here for a rare opportunity to sing in the most beautiful venues in Rome, Florence and Venice. It is an incredible and touching experience, once in a lifetime! 


We have prepared two main itineraries for concert tours in Italy: 

- Tour Claudio Monteverdi in Venice and Northern Italy

- From Caccini to Puccini: Tuscany and Rome


Contact us at to ask for detailed itineraries.

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Art and History Tours for Students in Italy

Open my heart and you will see Graved inside of it, “Italy.”      Robert Browning


Feel the pulse of Italy's vibrant culture. Home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country, Italy is nothing if not cultured; an education was once considered incomplete until one spent time in Italy.

Volendo Viaggi organizes customized tours to Italy for college and University students. Groups minimum 30 persons.

Accompanying professors travel free.

There are three iconic cities at the pulse of Italy's vibrant culture, both past and present. Venice brings romance to the forefront, with sprawling Baroque palaces and meandering, gondola-dotted canals. The Renaissance is tangible in Florence, where the presence of the world's greatest artists can still be felt. And in Rome, history is ever-present, from the crumbling Colosseum to the Forum. 

But there is MUCH MORE!!!

Contact us at to ask for detailed itineraries.

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